Are you happy and satisfied with your manager?

Majority of the working class professionals who are under the supervision or control of an individual is unhappy and unsatisfied with their boss. They consider him or her as someone who is snob and arrogant who fails to understand the needs and demands of the individuals subordinate to him or her. In almost every office or organization you will find such employees complaining about their boss.

Be a friendly boss

There are very few lucky ones who are extremely happy and satisfied to work under their boss. This difference is found because of the variation in approach and the interaction level of the boss with his or her subordinates. There are certain aspects that must be followed in order to become a good boss.

• Friendly relationship with the subordinates.

• Treat the team members with respect and show honor.

• Appreciate their success and stand with them during failures.

• Don’t be arrogant or a snob.

Good rapport is essential

There are certain organizations where several programs are followed to improve the relationship between the boss and other team members. Rate my boss is one such program that has been adopted by many companies and organizations throughout the world. The rating helps to analyze the quality of the boss and accordingly he or she can improve for the betterment of the company or organization.

When there is not a good rapport between the boss and the subordinates the entire ambience and environment of the work area gets deteriorated and thereby the production levels goes down. This is definitely not a good sign for the company.


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