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See how my boss is working

Every employee makes an opinion about his seniors. But he doesn’t get a chance to vent his anger or appreciate his manger. Or he isn’t asked to give his opinion on his boss. But things have changed. Now anyone can rate his manager in a hassle free, convenient and fair manner… more

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Why assaying a company’s head has become a “must to do” process?

Now it is a time to weigh the quality of the head also, not only the employee. Because a good employee may not mean a good company or good boss, but a good boss definitely means a good company. Only a capable manager can make a company’s fortune better. Because he is the one, who can easily motivate his employees to perform better and give the best results.

In earlier days, only the performances of employees were assessed due to which many problems occurred in the work space. Like, even if the employee did his work efficiently, but the boss doesn’t like him so, he can give him a negative review which resulted in bad impact over his performance.

Due to this reason, most of the employees always tried to butter their boss, so that they could enlist their names in his good books, which resulted in bad working culture and performance of efficient employees.

But now, as the concept of Rate...

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